Ramadan Baskets for Couples

The Back Story

Last year was my first Ramadan as a married woman, and I really wanted to come up some Ramadan and Eid traditions for my husband and I that didn’t involve food. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for food traditions, but we already have plenty of them from both of our families. I spent a looong time searching for Ramadan/Eid traditions for couples to no availeverything I found was focused on kids. I was unsuccessful in creating a Ramadan tradition last year (I did come up with an Eid tradition that that I’ll be writing about in another post!), but this year, I decided to draw inspiration from the popular Ramadan Baskets for Kids and created a version for couples. 

How It Works

I love to do Ramadan gifts every year, so I thought Ramadan Baskets would be a fun way to get my husband involved too. Most Ramadan baskets for kids include all the contents at once so kids get to open everything on the first day. We’re going to do our couple baskets a little differently. We’ll start off the month by having a Ramadan gift in the basket and every few days throughout the month, we’ll put other little surprises (gifts, notes, etc.) in them for the other person to find. Ramadan is a super busy time. Everyone is operating on their own schedule, and it’s easy to be short tempered or irritable on little sleep and food.  Ramadan baskets are a nice way to do a little something extra for your spouse just because. It doesn’t have to be anything big; just a note that says “thanks for filling my water bottle!” could make their day (and earn you some hasanat). 

Alternatively, you can plan on adding something to the basket at the beginning of each set of 10 days. Or you can stick with it just being for the first day of Ramadan. I’m going to be incorporating the baskets into one of our Eid traditions at the end of the month, so personally, it makes sense for me to leave them out.

A Look at My Ramadan Baskets

Here’s how I set up our Ramadan baskets in the living room. I grabbed these baskets from the Target dollar spot because I liked that they were each unique but still matched our overall decor so I can reuse them later. The wooden letters are also from Target.

The Write Aesthetic 3E8439B3-8D3D-4A08-A52A-D3B3B584A114-1024x697 Ramadan Baskets for Couples

For the first day of Ramadan, I filled my husband’s basket with some moon phase socks, halal beef jerky, chocolate covered espresso beans, a pocket-sized dua book and a new tasbih from our recent umrah trip. Of course, I rounded out his basket with TWA’s “Will You Be My Date” Ramadan card 🙂

The Write Aesthetic FA7AFE2F-7460-4F4F-A15D-49EC7051B862-1024x1024 Ramadan Baskets for Couples

I went ahead and grabbed a few small things to put in his basket throughout the month as well because I try to minimize shopping during Ramadan. The stash includes a cute little coffee shotbeard balm, Oreos (his fav snack), a watercolor and handlettered bookmark, and a new formal shirt for Jummah.

The Write Aesthetic D0FE9BB3-80C9-411A-9E06-D0B03154BF04-1024x1024 Ramadan Baskets for Couples

Are you planning on doing Ramadan baskets this year? I’d love to hear about them! If you have more husband gift ideas, please leave them in the comments! (men are so hard to shop for lol)

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