How to Use Washi Tape for Ramadan & Eid

**Check out all of The Write Aesthetic’s washi tape designs here**

Create a fun washi tape banner card

With social distancing in full effect, sending Ramadan and Eid cards may be more popular this year than ever before. A mini washi tape banner is easy to make and adds some texture and movement to a card! A full process video for making washi tape banner cards can be found on my Instagram page @thewriteaesthetic.

The Write Aesthetic 20200417_141536-300x300 How to Use Washi Tape for Ramadan & Eid

Make a washi tape masjid

Kiran from Up a Notch Gifts used TWA’s masjid washi tape to create the most beautiful masjid area in her home! Creating a dedicated space for ibadah is even more important this Ramadan when we will be praying taraweeh in our homes. Check out Kiran’s Instagram page @upanotchgifts for more creative ideas!

Use washi tape to enchance your Ramadan & Eid decor

Aisha from The Inkspired Studio added TWA’s samosa washi tape to banners, tea light candles, and paper straws to create fun, budget-friendly Ramadan decor. You can see her creation process on her Instagram page

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