How to Create Washi Tape Samples

Washi tape samples are a great way to share your favorite washi tape with your friends without giving up a whole roll. The basic idea is to wrap washi tape around a plastic surface. Here are two of my favorite ways to create washi tape samples:

Single Washi Tape on a Bobbin

  • Start by placing the edge of your washi tape in the middle of the bobbin
  • Wrap washi tape around the bobbin at least 10-15 times
  • Go slow to avoid any creases in the washi tape
The Write Aesthetic Washi-1 How to Create Washi Tape Samples

Multiple Washi Tapes on a Plastic Card

  • Grab an old gift card or cover an index card with contact paper
  • Choose 3 or more washi tapes (the number will depend on the widths of the washi tape you choose)
  • You can try choosing washi strips by coordinating colors, by theme, or randomly
  • Start at the top of the card and wrap your first washi tape around it about 10 times
  • Continue this process with the other washi tapes
The Write Aesthetic Washi-2-1024x1024 How to Create Washi Tape Samples

Check out the video below to see a video process of creating both types of washi tape samples: