DIY Washi Tape Envelope Liners

Do you love sending snail mail as much as me? I usually decorate envelopes, but recently, when I was sending some international mail, I wasn’t sure how a heavily decorated envelope would fare. As an alternative, I came up with these fun wash tape envelope liners for a colorful surprise to find inside your letter or card! Here’s how you can make your own:

The Write Aesthetic Envelope-Liners-300x300 DIY Washi Tape Envelope Liners


  • An envelope
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors
The Write Aesthetic supplies-300x233 DIY Washi Tape Envelope Liners

1. Choose your washi tape

I recommend using 3-4 different rolls of washi tape. You can always include more depending on how large your envelope is. Stick with a similar color palette but mix and match patterns and widths for an interesting look. Line your washi tape up in the pattern you are going to follow. Here are a few examples for inspiration:

The Write Aesthetic color-stacks-300x300 DIY Washi Tape Envelope Liners

2. Choose which direction you want your liner to go

Your liner can go vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. If this is your first time creating a washing tape liner, I recommend starting with a vertical liner.

3. Start building your envelope liner

  • Tear a piece of the first washi tape that is longer than the envelope liner area. It does not need to be the entire length of the envelope, just long enough so that visible inside area is covered.
The Write Aesthetic size-300x300 DIY Washi Tape Envelope Liners
  • Line your first piece up with the side of the envelope so that it is flush against the inside corner.
The Write Aesthetic flush-300x300 DIY Washi Tape Envelope Liners
  • Stick the washi tape down outside of the envelope first, and then smooth it out going into the envelope
The Write Aesthetic step-2-284x300 DIY Washi Tape Envelope Liners

4. Repeat step #3 until the entire inside of your envelope is covered

The Write Aesthetic step-3-300x300 DIY Washi Tape Envelope Liners

5. Cut off the excess washi tape

I’ve found it’s much easier to this if you flip the envelope over before cutting. You may need to clean your scissors off in the middle if too much washi tape is stuck to them or they start to get sticky.

The Write Aesthetic cut-300x300 DIY Washi Tape Envelope Liners

6. Fold down the top of the envelope on its crease, and voila! You’re ready to send some #happymail ?

The Write Aesthetic fin-300x210 DIY Washi Tape Envelope Liners

Please note that if your envelope had adhesive on the inside, it would have gotten covered by the washi tape. That means to seal your envelope, you need to make sure you do it from the outside. You can tape it, or try a wax seal.

The Write Aesthetic seals-1-300x255 DIY Washi Tape Envelope Liners
The assalaamu alaykum wax seal is from Aisha’s Accessories

If you try out making a washi tape envelope liner, tag me @thewriteaesthetic! I can’t wait to see what you create!